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You may have heard about the Agilent Ultra Inert Flow Path — minimizing activity along every step of the GC and GC/MS flow path, Agilent Inert Flow Path solutions improve system performance, ensure better results, and allow you to process more samples without unplanned maintenance and recalibration.

We have a wealth of resources available to provide you with a full overview of the Inert Flow path columns & supplies, and more importantly the performance enhancements that can be achieved when using the full solution.


Foods and Flavors: Flow path inertness is the next frontier in food analysis and Agilent’s innovative solutions ensure a highly inert flow path, improving your ability to analyze difficult, active compounds at trace levels.

Environmental Testing: Agilent Ultra Inert flow path solutions help you achieve excellent peak shapes for problematic compounds – plus reliable quantitation at low levels, whether you’re quantifying pesticide residues in water, analyzing contaminants in soil, or measuring atmospheric impurities-environmental analysis.

Forensics: Agilent Ultra Inert solutions deliver the selectivity and sensitivity you need for excellent peak shapes and consistent recovery of low-level analytes in biological matrices.

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