Service & Support

"ALSI-Сhrom" has over twenty years’ experience in providing customer services of analytical equipment in the market in Ukraine. The high efficiency of the analytical equipment is impossible without the proper installation, timely diagnosis and periodic maintenance. These services are provided by ALSI-CHROM’ service engineers, who combine knowledge, experience and highest professional skills. We always guarantee an optimum service with our worldwide qualified personnel.

"ALSI-Chrom" stands for excellent customer service and technical support

All service engineers regularly attend training and specialized training at the equipment of manufacturers that helps to keep a high level of qualification of service engineers for maintenance constantly improving technology. Qualification of engineers is confirmed by numerous certificates and references from grateful customers.

Our service encompasses:

• Equipment installation
• Metrology
• Warranty and post-warranty service
• Individual service contracts
• Equipment qualification
• System examination and technical support by our service engineers
• Training of customer personnel

Equipment installation includes the device, and software installation, configuration and testing of analytical instrument.


Service engineers are preparing equipment and software to the metrological certification and verification, as well as taking part in metrology
Warranty and post-warranty service includes system examination and technical support by our service engineers.
If problems occur during the warranty period, customer service responds immediately. For troubleshooting ALSI-CHROME has everything you need, for example, parts warehouse in Kiev, as well as the opportunity to come any laboratory, even in the most remote place in the country. In the post-warranty period, we offer different options for cooperation, including the long-term service contract.

Service contracts

Cooperation on the basis of contracts provides, on request, as a one-time service as well as planned maintenance work. The advantages of this cooperation are confirmed by many years of working experience with our regular customers.

Service contract provides:

• extending of the equipment life as a result of regular preventive maintenance;
• flexibility in the timing of the works with the schedule convenient for the customer;
• priority service
• fixed price, which allows to plan the budget of the laboratory;
• the possibility of paying for services in several steps.

Equipment validation

Manufacture of pharmaceuticals requires the validation of analytical equipment. Our service engineers are fully knowledgeable and qualified to validate equipment and repeatedly carried out the following procedure:
• documented validation of installation;
• documented validity check